Monday, February 15, 2016

Two Great Apps for Photos

This weekend, I picked up a couple of apps that I hoped would help me manage and edit the growing number of photos that are accumulating on my iPhone.  I took just a few minutes to check them out and here are my early thoughts.

The first app is called Flic and it is designed to help you quickly go through your photos to weed out those that you no longer need.  One of the biggest roadblocks to cleaning out unneeded photos is that you have to select them in the photos app in a view that presents many photos very small.  But install Flic and open it up and Flic will begin displaying your photos one at a time in an almost whole screen view.  From this large view, simply swipe or Flic left to trash the photo and swipe right to keep it.  Don't worry about making a mistake though because Flic will give you one more chance to confirm before it actually deletes any pictures.  It is an incredibly quick and easy way to get rid of those pictures that you took or downloaded for a specific purpose, such as a meme you downloaded so you could repost it or that picture of a shirt you took to send to your daughter to see if she liked it.  Flic is a free app but that limits you to 100 flics per day.  Splurge two bucks for unlimited flics and the ability to go back to any month and see what has been checked already.  The app will even remind you eachn month to take a few minutes to clean out your camera roll.  Think of the space you'll save!

Next up is Relight, a photo editing app that is wonderful for saving those over and underexposed pictures.  I grabbed it for $1.99 hoping to finally find an app that could save so many of those ever common lowlight iPhone shots that are really good pictures if only the lighting was better.  Well, after just a day or two with Relight and playing with about a dozen random pictures, and I quite pleased with the results.  Relight has a low light mode specifically for what I needed and it works by giving you steps that you can select to preview the results.  Once you are happy, you can save your changes either to the original or a copy.  Relight actually has seven additional modes to go along with low light.  These include enhance, over exposure, dramatic, fog, artistic, clarity, and sky.  Some of these are for corrections and some are just some cool filters to improve your photos.