Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A lot of little things

It has been a busy couple of weeks that have been filled with many "little" things so I would like to take the time to recap.

Last Friday, the first full episode of Today's Tech Coach was released and we have hear some great feedback.  The audio will be improved with the next episode!  Even with that distraction, Mark Coleman (@jmarkcoleman) and I are pleased with our first effort.  Mark and I discussed several popular platforms that work similar to learning management systems but aren't quite full blown LMSs.  Also in the show was an interview that I did with Jaclyn Stevens from the Friday Institute at North Carolina State University.  She and I chatted about a rethinking of the SAMR model using the analogy of a swimming pool.

You can check out the entire podcast on iTunes.

On this past Monday, I was thrilled to have some comments I sent in to the TwiT Network included in two different shows.  Earlier, on Tech News Today, the crew discussed Apple's ConnectED grant program and tended to focus on the equipment and that branched in to a iPad vs. Chromebook discussion on the show.  I sent in a few comments via email to point out that the discussion should be less about the devices and more about the content.  TNT co-host Meghan Morronne (@meganmorrone) was kind enough to respond by email and different parts of my email were included in iOSToday and Tech News Tonight.  Check out the clips below:

On Tuesday, I was notified that Symbaloo has added a guest post I did on the new Symbaloo Lesson tool on their blog.  

Finally, as this post is being written, the annual Google I/O conference is just a few hours away.  We will be watching and will bring you all the education-related updates right here on the BigTechCoach blog and in the next episode of Today's Tech Coach.

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