Disclaimers and Disclosures


This blog expresses the personal views of Keith George and not those of my employers (Alabama State Department of Education, Auburn University Montgomery).

I do not accept payment or reimbursement in exchange for links or blog posts.  I have, on occasion, been provided preview or complimentary copies of apps with a request to review.  While my review of a product will never be influenced by this, I will always disclose when a developer, service provider or manufacturer has provided me early, free, or discounted access to a product when those benefits are not available to the general public.

I will on occasion consent to nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) and/or embargoes if I believe doing so will allow me access to a product/service in a more timely manner that will permit me to create a more in-depth or accurate review of the product that will, in the end, help teachers serve students better.

I am a certified trainer, ambassador, "expert" or presenter (titles vary by company) for a number of products and services.  In some cases, this was as easy as signing up; in others it was a fairly rigorous process of online training and certification exams. In all cases, I clearly identify any affiliations I may have when discussing the services/products involved. These groups will, at times, provide promotional items of de minimis value  (T-shirt, coffee mug, etc.). These items are normally given away by me at presentations, but on occasion, I do keep some items. These items are never accepted if they are offered in a real or implied exchange for promotion, positive review, or posts.

I currently serve as an Expert for Participate Learning (www.participate.com) and during their early days I was compensated by them to locate, curate , and write reviews.  This compensation was tied to the number of reviews and never dependent on the outcome of the reviews.  There were just as many negative reviews as positive.  The continue to sponsor me from time to time to present on their behalf.  I am a fervent supporter of their site and the educational focus that they embody.  That opinion would be no different if they told me today that they could no longer sponsor me.

Advertising and Affiliates
I have decided to include Google AdSense on my blog and my personal website.  I have no visions of immense wealth from this; if it even accounts for enough to subsidize a portion of my web hosting fees, I will be pleased (and, quite frankly, shocked!).

I have also included an Amazon Affiliate Store.  Again, I strongly suspect that this will account for very little in terms of payment and, as I have elected to take my earnings in the form of Amazon credit, you can rest assured that my Book Wish List will certainly eat up any profit long before it sees my pockets.

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